Let me introduce you the unique theatre from Saint-Petersburg. This is “The theatre of the dreams of Olga Chernyavskaya”.


It was found in 1980. For a long time all the collective of the theatre inspired by active work of it director tried to revive the Russian culture. Folk games, performances-“misterions”, mass theatre actions – all of that this theatre did. It had a lot of tours & many prestige prizes & awards. But caring about spiritual, emotional state of human provoke Olga Chernyavskaya to find a new ways of creation. Concentrated on human’s  inner life, she started to find the resources for his social  realization & harmonious being in the world.


Nowadays, it’s a chamber theatre. Young actors have an opportunity here to develop their talents and find themselves in a new view. The audience is resting spiritually at the same time thinking about their wishes & actions, joys & feelings, about their inner life!


Olga Chernyavskaya is the author of the new conception of the theatre: dream-performance. She has found a new method of actor’s training, setting and direction of this special genre.


One of the main particular feature of dream-performance is irrationality. This links it with mysterion theatre. The action happens in immaterial world of human’s feelings, in the world of dreaming. It is well known that in the time of sleeping human “recycle” all the information that he got at that time when he doesn’t sleep and trying to find the ways of his harmonious development. Some peoples see the repeated dreams. And they are going to psychologist to find out the reasons of it. This performance as like a symbolical psychologist helps us to find all of reasons ourselves, find the resources to decide relevant problems on instinctive level. All of this work was made with the doctor of psychology Tatiana Zinkevich-Evstigneeva (the author of the fairy-tales therapy in psychology, director of Saint-Petersburg Institute of the Fairytales Therapy, the expert of International Federation of Independed  Experts).


The performance is real for psychical life of human. Each image is linked with his inside processes: his thoughts, feelings, ideas, remembrance, recourses, abilities. Dream-performance with the help of it symbolical language helps to human look into his inner life, find a lot of decisions & find sources of his own power.


Usually this performance doesn’t have any words. They are not necessary.


The performance that we want to show is about secret, spiritual relationships between man & woman; the search of the Real Woman & Real Man. The all action will happen in the sand.



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